Sunday, March 6, 2011

I like food, naturally.

This morning I woke up and Kate and Jack had chocolate mouths already.  No, just because you eat my girl scout cookies does NOT mean I'll go out and buy more.  Besides, that was the box I wanted least anyways, and you only ate half.  So there.

We went to church at John's Aunt's church in Springdale.  We went last week and I really liked it.  But, I think for Kate to go to church at the same place she goes to Mother's Day Out is confusing.  First of all, she was really bummed when we pulled up that we weren't going to 'church' because she didn't see the place as a church.  And then, she couldn't sit down and be quiet, because it's usually a place to run and play!  I'd like to go back, but I think finding a place that's new and hers will help her.  Is that weird?

After church we drove to downtown Fayetteville to have lunch at Hammontree's for gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.  I got all three kids out and walked 3 feet to see that they weren't open on Sundays, so I stood there for a while looking around at all the bars on Dickson St. trying to decide which I should take my kids to and then we piled in the van and drove off.  I'm a PROBLEM SOLVER!  ;)  Sooooorely disappointed in not getting my 'Brie's Company' sandwich though.

With nothing else to do we went to the Ozark Natural Food Co-op annual members meeting.  I heard they were giving stuff away and had child care.  I didn't really need much more incentive than that.  We went, Niko is the Moby wrap and the kids in the double wide, and walked around, sampled organic cookies and salsas from local vendors and visited their lovely bathroom several times.  Because once Kate finds a bathroom she likes, she seems to need to pee more.

They had live jazz music, a catered lunch, child care and lots of people to fawn over my adorable baby in his adorable wrap.  All in all, a good time had by all :)

Afterwards, we went to the co-op and  Kate ASKED me to buy broccoli and kale.  I'm highly doubtful that they'll actually get in her mouth, but I couldn't pass that up... just in case!  Jack fell asleep in the car on the way and went right to bed when we got home.  I started nursing Niko and Kate was apparently eating the REST of the girl scout cookies, which I apparently didn't put high enough up.  So, she got an early bed time, and I got in TWO movies before bed.

It was a good, full day.

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