Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chickens and Children

So, yes, I got chickens for their eggs, but I also got them for days like today :)  

The kids chasing the chickens

Kate being 'mother hen'

Jack: I want THAT one!

Kate: Here, you can have THIS one

There's no escape, chickens, no escape

Kate, please stop poking the chickens

Jack: (insert baby talk here)

This is much more peaceful than most moments
of Jack holding chickens

Three of our four little guys

Jack: Chicken want a hug?

Heeeeere chickie, chickie chickie!

I took Niko out for a little bit, but he wasn't nearly as thrilled with the outdoors ;)

All in all we had a fantastic day!  Tomorrow we're inviting some friends over and we'll probably do it all over again.  Chasing chickens.  Playing in the Sprinkler.  Eating fake ice cream.
These are the things they'll remember :D

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Kathy said...

What wonderful memories you're providing your kids! You're a great mom!