Friday, February 25, 2011

Now That's Just Ridiculous...

... you shouldn't be giving your children coffee.

No, no, you see kids love coffee because it makes mom sane. I'm one of those scatter-brained people. I always have some great idea or adventure that I'm eager to start on. I was in a band in 2004, I moved to the South (which I swore I NEVER would) in 2005, had my first kid, bought my first house and met most of my dearest friends in 2006, moved to the Northwest in 2007, had my second kid in 2008, moved back to Arkansas and started home roasting in 2009, went on a 13 state road trip with my sister-in-law and my two kids and bought my second house in 2010, and here, so far in 2011 I've managed to pop out another child and start planning my homesteading project. Things are never dull for very long if I can help it.

Of course, I also have a bookshelf full of half read books, a half full sink of dishes, a half clean house (the top half), and half a mind to jump in the car with the kiddos and go find some adventure most days.

So, you see, there's just so much to write down! And writing things down instead of trying to remember it all, well, that keeps mommy sane too.